Class Questions and Videos

November 3rd, 2011
If you need to watch the film from class on Nov 1st, click on the link below.  Then answer the questions below.  Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.

Networked Society Film

Questions for Class based on the film “Networked Society”

1.  What does a connected world look like?

2.  Do you agree or think that it will be possible to build a world where no one will be in charge, but it will be about sharing and collaborating?

3.  How do we use technology for the common good? Can we?

4.  What are the key challenges that we have on the earth today and can a networked society solve these problems?

5.  Explain what you believe about this push for a global government as the film proposed as one solution?

The topics below were specifically mentioned in the film as areas of disagreement.  What are your thoughts?

1.  Do you feel constrained in the classroom?

2.  Do you believe that your generation and those that follow you are narcissistic?

3.  Do you notice a “generational divide” in your own life?

4.  What about God and faith?  Should we be in a position, like the film states, where we believe that we can create this “golden age” that will never end through a networked society?



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