Articles to read before November 17th

Diffusion of Innovation

Articles to read before November 10th

The Network Community

Articles to read before October 11th

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality:  It’s like real life, but better!

Why Augmented Reality is poised to change marketing.

Articles to read before October 6th

-Why the best innovations are about relevance…

-Why the next big thing will come from small innovations

-Why Social Media Innovation has hit a plateau

Articles that we will briefly discuss in class October 4th

Facebook is Getting to D*#m Complicated

Facebook Delays Public Launch of Timeline

Bring with you or Read for September 29th

8 Social Media Apps to Watch for 2011

Be prepared to discuss your favorite new app in class

Video interview with Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey

Questions to answer after watching video

Read for September 22nd

Old Coots and their cell phone

The abacus, eight track tapes and agenda setting

Wired o nomics

Read for September 14th

A Non-Fanatical Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Why Twitter, anyways?

Twitter in Plain English – video

Top 100 Twitterholics

Read for September 8th

 Why Google Became a Carrier-Humping, Net Neutrality Surrender Monkey

How the Google/Verizon proposal could kill the internet in 5 years

The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets

How Companies Are Using Your Social Media Data

Read for September 1st

Read the following articles by Thursday September 1st

Multitasking and Continuous Partial Attention: An Interview with Linda Stone – Read part 1 and part 2

 Setup Your Blog on WordPress and write an introductory post telling us about yourself and what your blog is about (the theme).

Setup your WordPress blog and post an introductory blog post


Readings for September 6th!

Read the following articles before the September 6th Class.

Who Owns User Data on Facebook

Facebook Wants to Own All of Your Social Graphs



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